. Double Bevel Bolt On Edge
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TERRA Universal Double Bevel Bucket Edges

TERRA Universal Double Bevel Bucket Edges

If you're looking for a replacement double bevel cutting edge, then you've come to the right place! At Terrappe Group we stock Universal Double Bevel Cutting Edges to suit all makes and models of machinery. Our TERRA Universal Double Bevel Cutting Edges are manufactured from boron Heat Treated material that is designed to give you more benefits than any other cutting edges. You will benefit from our Universal Double Bevel Cutting Edges as they allow for longer wear life, reduced downtime and are reversible for a double life.

If you want more information about our spare parts, or need help selecting the best cutting edges to suit your needs, our friendly and experienced staff at Terrappe Group are more than happy to help! Just contact us through our website or phone us at 1800 982 166.