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Extra hard, long life TERRA Loader Bucket Edges

Need a loader bucket cutting edge that can perform well and last a long time for your loader or mini excavator? Browse our categories of GET including Cat edges for Wheel Loaders and bucket edges for skid steer loaders or mini excavators, you are sure to find the one you're looking for. Terrappe Group is dedicated to providing the best TERRA Ground Engaging Tools for a wide range of constructon machines. With their HD design, they are built to have long life for easy penetration while saving you costs in fuel.

We have a long list of TERRA Bucket edges from which you can make your selections based on the following styles:

Universal bolt on bucket edges
General CAT loader and backhoe edges
Dozer edges and end bits
Weldon single bevel edges
Weldon loader or excavator base edges

All our TERRA edges are cut from high wear, high yield-strength steel. Using edges that remain sharp for an extended period helps decrease wear and stress on both bucket and machine. You will able to easily do this on hard or rocky grounds with our high standard TERRA edges and ground engaging tools.

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