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ASV RC50 AUSTRACK Loader Rubber Track

Part No. AUSRT5599

Heavy duty Austrack loader rubber track to suit ASV RC50 Loader.

Austrack rubber tracks are designed and developed to provide an enhanced operator experience while operating in the demanding conditions of the Australian work site. This will keep your machine working "Harder for Longer".

Austrack Rubber Tracks will prove to be

  • Less stretching due to a high quality, high tensile corrosion resistant steel core with forged drive links
  • Increased durability from the rubber compound which is produced with an optimal blend of virgin, natural and synthetic rubbers for maximum wear resistance.
  • Guaranteed Fit, if they don't they will be exchanged. Only the long term experience at Terrappe Group can be assured of this.
  • Peace-of-mind with our 6 month pro-rata warranty direct from the importer and distributor, no middle man and no excuses!!!

Order now to prove how Austrack Rubber Tracks will keep your machine working "harder for longer!!"