. Bucket Edges for Excavators and loaders | Terrappe

Unquestionable Solution


At TJM they have been using cutting edges that weren’t giving them the life span they expected, having to change the edges much sooner costing them more on maintenance and machine down time. TJM needed a solution to reduce maintenance cost and get the maximum usage from their cutting edges. 


Cameron from TJM called Terrappe Group and spoke to Jason about the cutting edges; Jason highly recommended that Cameron try the Terra Cutting edges on their excavators. The Terra Cutting Edges are cut from high wear 500 grade wear plate and will remain sharp for extended periods, helping decrease wear and stress on both the bucket and machine. In return reducing maintenance and downtime costs keeping you working harder for longer. 


“The Cutting Edges are great! They definitely last a lot longer not wearing out so quick saving us a lot on downtime and money”
- Cameron - TJM