. Proving The Benefits

Proving The Benefits


Ricko from Turners Excavations has used Terra Tungsten coating for many years after initially proving the benefits. As a result of this coating he was consistently getting between 500 and 600 hrs out of a set of Terra Teeth with Terra Tungsten coating on his Cat elevating scrapper.

When in a hurry to keep his elevating scrapper going, he installed a uncoated caterpillar fitment tooth. After a few days of work he was surprised to get a call to say that the tooth was worn out and they needed another.


After investigating he found this was correct. It was then calculated that the uncoated tooth was worn out in just over 100 hrs work. This meant that the Terra Tungsten coating was giving him a massive 6 to 1 cost benefit when compared to not using Terra Tungsten coating.

Ricko has now gone on to use Terra Tungsten coating in other innovative ways to protect his excavator bolt on bucket edges and other replacement parts.


“We will always use tungsten coated bucket teeth”

Ricko, Turner’s Excavations