. Minimal Downtime Maximum Results

Minimal Downtime Maximum Results


 Justin Cooper is part of a fourth generation family owned and operated Business Coopers Earthmoving & Haulage based in the southern tablelands of NSW.

Coopers Earthmoving likes to ensure their customers quality work and minimum delays, a business that wants to get the job done with minimal downtime and excellent results. Justin needs Ground engaging tools that will extend their useable life and keep his business working efficiently.


Terry from Terrappe Group spoke to Justin and asked if he would try out the Terra tungsten coating on his scarifiers, he insured Justin that the Tungsten coating would greatly extend the life of the scarifiers up to 4 times longer making them more wear resistant as the Terra Tungsten coating is extremely durable and abrasion resistant and would reduce his costs, save time and increase production. Tungsten Coating delivers a hardness toughness and strength that will keep you working harder for longer guaranteed!


    Justins Reply-

 We work in high abrasion areas were we need tools that will give us longer life expediency. We have been using the terra tungsten coating on our scarifiers and it’s definitely has saved us in time and money. The scarifiers have lasted up to 3-4 times longer then the genuine parts we had been using. The tungsten has extended the life and given us excellent results.