. Effective Solution

Effective Solution


Peter from Mcfadgen Farms has been farming all his life and had been using Tillage points with out tungsten coating. He wasn’t getting the life he was expecting having to change his points due to the wear and damage before the end of season, costing him critical down time and money. Peter needed an effective solution. 


Kevin From Terrappe Group spoke to Peter about getting the Tungsten coating on his Tillage Points as we only use the highest grades of tungsten carbide grit, the TERRA Tungsten Coating Overlay provides an extremely durable, abrasion resistant surface on all types of ground engaging tools where a high level of abrasion and impact resistance is required. The Terra Tungsten overlay will exceed standard solid tungsten overlay life expectancy due to the impact resistance. 


“The other products we were using would wear out and damage a lot faster, where now we are not changing our points to the following season saving us enormously. I would certainly recommend this product!”
Peter - Mcfadgen Farms