. Where “Value” Does Equal Value

Where “Value” Does Equal Value

Yanmar Excavator Rubber PadsTHE CHALLANGE

Dan Theuerkauf has been working in the earthmoving industry for 42 years; with a world of earthmoving knowledge up his sleeve he knows what products are best for his machines!

Dan has been buying his earthmoving supplies through Terrappe Group for many years. Dan swears by the Austrack rubber pads he now runs on his Yanmar excavator., Before Dan started buying his rubber pads through Terrappe Group he was having trouble with the original supply. They were not giving him the hours and durability he was expecting. He found that the rubber was breaking up and showing excessive wear in a short period of time

Dan needed a rubber pad that could withstand hours of construction abuse and one that was more suited to the working environments.


Dan spoke to Andrew at Terrappe Group about their Austrack rubber pads; Andrew suggested that Dan trial the Austrack Bolt on, MG450D rubber pads for his Yanmar as they are a very tough and durable replacement rubber pad. They are becoming popular for their superior quality rubber compound and improved bonding between the rubber and metal backing plate. The Austrack rubber pads come as a bolt on rubber pad that bolts through the grouser plate, or if your grouser plates are not drilled to take these there is also the clip on rubber pad version as an alternative.


"The rubber pads are a very good product, I have been using the set of rubber pads I now have on my Yanmar for over 300 hours and the pads don’t have a mark on them. The last set I bought lasted well over 2000 hours, the rubber in the pads just lasts"

 I would highly recommend them!

- Dan Theuerkauf