. Tungsten coated points
Tungsten coated points

Tungsten coated points

Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Tungsten coated points after deep ripping 1300 acres or 52 acres per point.

TERRA Tungsten Coating Overlay provides an extremely durable, abrasion resistant surface on all types of ground engaging tools where a high level of abrasion and impact resistance is required. TERRA Tungsten Coating allows you to experience the hardness of tungsten without the brittleness that is associated with traditional brazed tungsten. It is most effective in slide and abrasion wear situations.


  • Tillage Points and equipment
  • Loader and Excavator Bucket Teeth
  • Auger Teeth
  • Trencher Teeth
  • Ripper Boots & Grader Scarifier Teeth
  • Cutting Edges & End Bits

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