. Texxon Diesel Engine Lubricants
Texxon Diesel Engine Lubricants

Texxon Diesel Engine Lubricants

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019

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Texxon Lubricants are engineered to protect! This is achieved by adopting the latest technology incorporating hot blending, to produce both mineral and synthetic lubricants meeting and exceeding various Australian and International Standards.

We stock a wide range of Texxon Diesel Engine Lubricants:

> Texxon Globaleng 300 CI-4 15w-40

> Texxon Globaleng 500 LSAPS 15w-40

> Texxon Globaleng 600 LSAPS CJ-4 15w-40

> Texxon Globaleng CH-4 200 15w-40

> Texxon Globaleng SAE 3

> Texxon Globaleng SAE 50

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