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Domite Block 25mm x 240mm

Part No. TUCB25

Part No. TUCB25

Part Description :  Domite Block 25mm x 240mm

TERRA Choc Bar is the ultimate for protecting your quarry investment.

The success is seen in the quality of the bond between the cast material and the cast white iron wear material, for use in all demanding applications. Whether you need them for excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers or other heavy machinery, Domite wear bars provide an excellent durable layer of protection while being easy to weld into position due to the steel backing plate. Their hardened cast wear surface then resists the continuous grinding, impacting and scraping against rocks, debris and other harsh job site materials.

Common applications:

  • Haul Trucks - The front edges, suspension components and chassis rails of massive haul trucks can be shielded from abrasive rock materials.
  • Dump Trucks - Similar to haul trucks, wear bars protect the edges and undercarriage of off-road dump trucks used in mines.
  • Dozers - Bulldozers pushing ore, overburden or other aggregates rely on wear bars to guard vulnerable parts like blades and ripper shanks.
  • Excavators - Mine excavators loading haul trucks benefit from extra protection on high-wear areas like bucket edges and pins.
  • Loaders - Wheel loaders moving materials need reinforcement on components that contact quarry floors and walls.
  • Crushers - Parts like feeder conveyors, hoppers and impact surfaces on primary/secondary crushers see heavy impacts.
  • Conveyor Chutes - Wear bars can prolong the life of conveyor structures and chutes against abrasive materials.
  • Drills - Drill rig components like the drill head, rod sections and rod handlers undergo punishing conditions.

By shielding critical machine parts, the TERRA Choc bar wear bars allow mining and quarrying equipment to operate more productively for longer between replacements or repairs.

As always "keep your machines working harder for longer"


Equivalent Part Nos: CB25

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