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IHI Excavator Rubber Tracks

Are your IHI Excavator rubber tracks starting to stretch and lose traction? Terrappe advises that you purchase some new excavator tracks! Here at Terrappe Group, you don't need to spend a fortune on purchasing replacement rubber tracks; we can give you a great deal on rubber tracks for your IHI Excavator. We understand that sometimes your rubber tracks begin to lose traction and a worn tread could be affecting the movement of your IHI Excavator, which is why our rubber tracks have been designed to specifically fit your excavator without costing you a fortune. Terrappe's rubber tracks have been manufactured to have more durability and stretch resistance to keep you working harder for longer!

If you are interested in purchasing our rubber tracks for your IHI Excavator but don't see what you are after, our friendly staff at Terrappe Group are here to help, just contact our office and they will source it for you as soon as possible!

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