. Production Increased

Production Increased


Keith from Track Excavations has been using bucket teeth on his machines with out the Tungsten hard facing. Over time he experienced the teeth would wear out over a 3 month period and not give the wear life he expected having to change his ground engaging tools more often costing him downtime on his machines. Keith needed to find a solution to increase the production of his machines. 


Keith called Terrappe Group and spoke to Kevin about the Tungsten Hard facing for their teeth. Kevin highly recommend he try the Terra Tungsten Hard facing on his teeth, as the hard facing is a exceptional product that is extremely durable, tough and corrosion resistant that helps you ensure you get the maximum life out of your teeth to keep you working harder for longer. 


“The Tungsten hardfacing 3 times doubles the life of the teeth; it really stops them from wearing out as quick. I would recommend the hard facing time & time again!”
- Keith - Track Excavations