. Grease Heavy Duty, Texxon High Temp Grease | Terrappe

Not your average meltdown


Luke is the mechanic at Cercle Pty Ltd. Luke had to grease his trucks and machinery very regularly because they were constantly overheating and the grease was turning to liquid. This was causing extra wear and meant he had to grease his trucks weekly. Luke needed a solution to reduce wear and the amount of time spent greasing his trucks and machinery.


Jason from Terrappe Group suggested that Luke try TEXXON XHD RED GREASE. This grease is the ideal lubricant to use in high temperature, high impact applications.

The TEXXON XHD RED GREASE is known for its impact and heat resistant  properties. TEXXON XHD Red Grease is a formulated high quality semi synthetic grease that’s ultra tacky. This helps reduce wear and provide a seal that prevents contamination, providing consistent lubrication for time between services.


“We are real happy with the TEXXON XHD RED GREASE, it’s a brilliant product! I find that it reduces time only having to grease the shackle pins and bushes on our trucks every 2 to 3 weeks where before I was doing it weekly”
Luke - Cercle PTY LTD