. Maximize Your Productivity

Maximize Your Productivity


Warren Brown works on his family farm in central NSW. He has always used scarifier points with the standard tungsten. Over time Warren was realising he wasn’t getting the life he was expecting, having to change them more regular due to fast wear and damage costing him valuable time and money. Warren needed to get results fast. 


Warren had heard about the tungsten wear blocks and spoke to Kevin at Terrappe Group. Kevin suggested he try them on his tillage points as they give the best performance when working in tough environments. They are extremely hard wearing very durable and give a high level of impact resistance preventing damage and wear. In return this will help maximise productivity saving him on down time and money giving him the results he is after. 


“The Tungsten wear blocks are brilliant! Giving us the results we were after, lasting more then a season and improving our productivity.”
- Warren - Farmer