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5 Best Lithium Greases for Everyday Use
Tuesday, 08 August, 2023

What is the best excavator grease? When I grease my excavator and skid steer loader, the lithium grease pumps in easily, yet I don't feel it performs as it should.


Texxon Easy Pump Red Grease 20kg
Thursday, 16 August, 2018

Are you after a High quality, tacky grease one that is easy to pump in cold temperatures.


Maintaining Earthmoving Equipment Checklist
Friday, 30 December, 2016

New Year brings about a lot of ideas and ambitions to be accomplished. Just as individual plans for his/her future life to make it more comfortable and easy, the same is needed for all the equipment and machines used in different industries and job sites. The machines which are in continuous operation during the year requires proper maintenance and check to have efficient results and output. In this very article, you will find all the experimented and effectively applicable techniques for the maintenance of


Pro's and Con's of hiring and or buying earthmoving machinery
Thursday, 06 October, 2016

Do I hire or do I buy? The million $ question. What are the pitfalls of hire? Do I know the true cost of ownership? Read on to answer some of these questions and more. Don't allow the experience to be a total nightmare!!