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Grease Lubrication

Grease Lubrication

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

With the warmer months fast approaching have you thought about what type of grease you will use on your machinery?

Terrappe Group stocks a range of different grease lubrications to suit your industrial, marine, earthmoving, automotive, mining and agricultural equipment. Our superior range of grease lubrications have exception oxidation, rust and corrosion resistance, resists water contamination and breakdown, has excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. 

Our superior greases have been manufactured to be ultra tacky and resist squeeze out to keep you working harder for longer!

Follow the link and find what you’re looking for or read one of our case studies on Texxon Lubrications and see happy how our customers are with the Texxon Grease.

> https://www.terrappe.com.au/texxon-grease-lubrication-range

> https://www.terrappe.com.au/not-your-average-meltdown