. Flexible and Reliable – Custom Edges

Flexible and Reliable – Custom Edges


Matt from Maryborough Quarries had been experiencing wear problems with the cutting edges that they were using on their machines, not getting the expected life span having to change their edges much sooner, they needed a solution to get the maximum usage from  their cutting edges to reduce the down time and maintenance on their machines.


Andrew from Terrappe Group visited Maryborough Quarries and suggested that Matt try our TERRA Cutting Edges on their Loaders. The Terra Cutting Edges are cut from high wear 500 grade wear plate, these remain sharp for extended periods helping decrease wear and stress on both the bucket and machine, In return this reduces maintenance and downtime costs, giving savings and significant benefits to Maryborough Quarries.


"We are extremely happy with the Edges! They are a much thicker, harder steel giving us flexibility and reliability allowing us to concentrate on what we do best."
Matt-Maryborough Quarries