Durable Tracks that Deliver


Justin from Ron Flew Excavations had been using genuine Tracks on their excavator. They weren’t performing to their expectations, having a bad run with them wearing and not getting the hours they were expecting. In the end they decided to turn away from using genuine parts and try the AUSTRACK AVRT rubber tracks from Terrappe Group. 


Justin called Terrappe Group, he was looking for a durable track that would meet their needs in their diverse work conditions. We suggested that they try the replacement AUSTRACK AVRT rubber tracks as they are a durable and hard working rubber track. They have a unique diamond design roller guide that provides a continuous level surface - reducing roller fatigue and vibration through out the machine giving you minimal wear on rollers, idlers & sprockets. This in return would reduce maintenance and downtime on his machine. 


“The tracks turned out to be great! No problems with them at all just a good over all better durable tracks that I would definitely recommend.”Justin
- Ron Flew Excavations