. Digging a Way to a Solution - Case Study

Digging your way to a Solution


Grant is Bland Shire Councils senior welder. He has been using 600 grade hardfacing Rods on his teeth. He started to notice that he wasn’t getting the wear life he was requiring and was changing his ground engaging tools more then expected. Grant needed a solution to increase the production of his machines while reducing the amount of time spent hardfacing teeth.


Terry from Terrappe Group suggested that Grant trial the TERRA Tungsten Coating on his ground engaging tools as the tungsten coating is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. This process gives the level of impact resistance required for Grants loader teeth with out the brittleness that is associated with traditional tungsten hardfacing methods keeping his machines working harder for longer.


“The TERRA Tungsten Coating is a UNREAL Product! It lasts 3 to 4 times longer then the hardfacing product I was using giving less down time and reduced production costs”
Grant - Bland Shire Council