. Decreasing Labour Costs!

Decreasing Labour Costs!


Steve May from Mays Earthmoving was noticing he wasn’t getting the wear life he was requiring from the teeth he had been using on his machines, changing his ground engaging tools much sooner than he expected. Steve needed a solution to increase the production of his machines. 


Terry from Terrappe Group caught up with Steve and suggested that he try the Terra Tungsten Coating on his teeth, as the tungsten coating is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. The tungsten gives the level of impact resistance required for Steve’s scrapper teeth with out the brittleness that is associated with the traditional brazed tungsten. It is most effective in slide and abrasion wear situations keeping you working harder for longer. 


“Definitely Happy with the Tungsten! My teeth are lasting 4 times longer, decreasing the labour needed in changing them and reducing machine downtime.”
Steve - Mays Earthmoving