. Consistent Performance

Consistent Performance


Greg Ferguson runs his own earthmoving Business; he has always used a well known brand of grease on his machines. Greg wasn’t getting the results he was expecting having to frequently grease to maintain the proper lubrication levels. The grease he was using wasn’t sticking to the pins! This was causing extreme wear to his machines and higher maintenance costs. Greg needed grease that would stay put and one that would increase the life of his pins reducing wear while preventing dust and dirt entering. These contaminants will reduce the pins life drastically. 


Terry from Terrappe Group spoke to Greg about trying the Texxon Easy Pump Red Grease on his machines as the Texxon Easy Pump Red Grease is a high quality, high performance reliable product that is ultra tacky with excellent lubrication characteristics, Texxon Red greases use a synesthetic ingredient which makes them suitable for a wide range of anti-friction and plain bears, gears and couplings in agricultural, industrial and earthmoving applications. The Texxon easy pump Red Grease helps reduce wear and provides a seal to prevent contamination, providing consistent lubrication to keep you working harder for longer.  


“The Red Grease is great, as it is real tacky and stays put when pumping into pins, also lasts a lot longer reducing downtime on my machines and is priced well.”
- Greg Ferguson