. Maintaining Earthmoving Equipment Checklist
Maintaining Earthmoving Equipment Checklist

Maintaining Earthmoving Equipment Checklist

Friday, 30 December, 2016

New Year brings about a lot of ideas and ambitions to be accomplished. Just as individual plans for his/her future life to make it more comfortable and easy, the same is needed for all the equipment and machines used in different industries and job sites. The machines which are in continuous operation during the year requires proper maintenance and check to have efficient results and output. In this very article, you will find all the experimented and effectively applicable techniques for the maintenance of

Cleaning your machine

It is a known fact that most of the earth moving equipment and machinery are subjected to work in non-favorable and potentially harmful environments. The term "harmful environments" can be referred to debris, water, mud, dust, fluids and a lot of other things which causes damage, rust, blockage and other unwanted hindrances in its operations.

Proper cleaning is, therefore, necessary and must be the foremost thing done for the machinery and equipment. The thorough cleaning of the machinery to every edge and corner thus should be the top priority. Keeping the machinery clean is the ultimate cause of expanding its life comparatively.

Taking into consideration all the parts of the machinery like filters, cab, undercarriage, etc. all of them must be properly washed and cleaned using pressurized air and water spray whatever necessary. All the broken seals, joints, leakages or anything related should be fixed with no delay. Cleaning will not only help in giving an impressive and attractive look but also a smooth and quiet operation which will have a positive impact on the clients and customers.


Machinery and working equipment are made up of different parts which have continuous movement during operation. The moving parts of the machinery cause wear and tear to various parts due to friction. For the prevention of these excess wear and reducing friction, all the parts must be properly lubricated using high-quality lubricants.

For success, the proper lubrication of the parts of the machinery is to be advised by experts and professionals. Because just as the non-lubrication status of the moving parts result in wear and tear, similarly, the excess lubrication leads to energy losses, leakage, and flow, etc. Start the year off successfully by reviewing you lubrication schedule for your machines to help prevent excess wear.

Service Schedule

Most of the time, the service schedule for earth moving machinery is not on a proper timetable. It is serviced either on nonworking days or when it is completely broken down and repairs are needed. But this is not the most effective idea for the machinery because, in most of the cases, the working ability is either delayed or stopped. The laziness in servicing the machinery also causes other problems to the moving parts. Thus it is recommended to plan a proper schedule and timetable for servicing your earth moving machinery and replace your worn parts now at the start of the year. This will help to maintain a good work timetable and servicing schedule but also avoid the sudden brake to the work which will be a headache for you and your clients.

Suitable Replacement of Parts for the Machinery

For improving the production and function of the earth moving machinery, using the best and perfectly suitable rubber tracks in certain terrains is helpful. It is essential to install the correct parts as per the requirement of the job. It will also protect the important parts of the machines like bucket lip and undercarriage etc. If the working area is wet or muddy, using the right rubber track prevents the excess pressure from steering.

Similarly, the right teeth for the job site or terrain help in reducing the energy losses along with stopping of the machine from exerting itself. The perfectly oriented and high-quality bucket teeth result in the smooth operation of the machine whether it is digging, cutting or filling. It is also helpful in the balanced handling of blocks or stones.

You must assess and know the requirements of your machine for the smooth operations. Terrappe Group is here to assist you in all the possible ways by providing the right cutting edges, rubber tracks, rubber pads, bucket teeth and lubricants of high quality and standard.

Professional and Trained Operators

The working sites and environment not only demands the great care and attention to safety but also skilled operators and workers, especially when using heavy earth moving machinery or equipment. It is, therefore, important to have professional and trained operators who are capable of operating the machines efficiently and smoothly.

Start 2017 by checking when the last time your operators did a training course or worked on a particular type of machine. Be sure you have the right tools for the job and the complying operating safety guides are in place.

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