. Caterpillar Excavator Rubber Pads for Sale

Caterpillar Excavator Rubber Pads

Caterpillar (better known as CAT) excavators are renowned for their versatility and working advantages. Whether you need more digging depth, more lift, extra power, higher reach, or any other variable, you'll get it out of your CAT. To make the most of your machine, though, you should keep it on a regular maintenance schedule. To make sure your CAT excavator is in perfect working order, you should have a spare CAT excavator rubber track on hand, so should the current tracks be worn or damaged, you've got minimal interruption to your project - and fewer safety risks for your operators.

Terrappe Group stocks a wide range of Caterpillar excavator rubber pads, suitable for everything from the mini excavators (1-10 tons) to the largest excavators used in bulk earthmoving and projects where heavy lifting is involved. We prefer AUSTRACK rubber tracks, a locally developed brand becoming popular for their superior quality and versatility. You can read more about AUSTRACK here.

We have an extensive range in stock and ready to ship. Terrappe Group guarantees a 24 hour dispatch on all orders (except weekends), so you can get the pads you need and get back to work ASAP. For more information or to place an order, contact us now.


Caterpillar 311B Excavator Austrack Bolt on Rubber Pad
Caterpillar 311B Excavator Austrack Bolt on Rubber Pad
Price: $43.20 +GST