Add Tungsten to your Tillage Points

Add Tungsten to your Tillage Points

Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Ground engagement is tough on equipment; you need equipment that can take it! Have you thought about adding tungsten to your tillage points or wear parts?

By adding the tungsten coating to your tillage or wear parts can increase the life up to 5 times longer making them more durable; improving your parts performance and making them more wear resistant giving you reduced costs and decreased machine downtime for parts change out.

Tungsten Coating delivers a hardness, toughness and strength that will keep you working harder for longer guaranteed!


✅ Cutting Edges & End Bits

✅ Tillage points and Equipment

✅ Loader & excavator bucket teeth

✅ Auger teeth

✅ Trencher teeth

✅ Ripper boots and grader scarifier teeth

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