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Boxer Mini Loader Rubber Tracks

Has your Boxer Mini loader been working less reliably and losing traction? It may be time for some new rubber tracks. Terrappe Group is proud to stock spare rubber tracks for your Boxer Mini Loader. If you do a lot of work on sealed surfaces, a worn out tread could be affecting the movement and traction of your Boxer Mini Loader. After a while, this could become a safety concern; one which can affect the efficiency of your project as well as your operators. Having spare rubber tracks on hand is a good way to avoid possible problems, and replacement of rubber tracks can even be added to your regular maintenance schedule.

If you can not find the right product number you were after, you can count on Terrappe Group's knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect set of tracks suited for your Boxer Mini Loader.

We also offer a guaranteed dispatch of all orders within 24 hours after ordering (excluding weekends), and can ship to you anywhere in Australia.

Boxer Mini Loader Rubber Tracks

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